Discover The Benefits Of Oral Appliance Treatment
February 10, 2017
Category: Sleep Apnea

There are many individuals that suffer from sleep apnea in the United States. Sleep apnea can cause brief pauses in breathing while oral appliance therapyyou sleep, which makes it difficult to sleep soundly and get the much-needed rest that your body needs. Seeking help from your Madison, WI, sleep apnea dentist, Dr. Angela Bauer from Dental Center for Snoring & Sleep Apnea can help you get started on the path to enjoying a good night’s rest. There are some solutions to help relieve you of the problem. Meeting with Dr. Bauer will give you the chance to learn more about the options available.

Oral Appliance Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Oral appliance treatment is one of the methods used by your Madison sleep apnea expert to help stop snoring. There are two categories of appliances including tongue retaining and mandibular repositioning. Much like the sports mouth guards you may have seen, the oral appliances used for sleep apnea hold your lower jaw open and move it slightly forward during your sleeping. This allows the airways to be open and prevents it from becoming obstructed during sleep. Not all oral appliances are the same and they need to be custom fit for the individual in order to give maximum results. With over 70 types of appliances available, finding one that fits your sleep habits has never been easier.

Don’t wait to get sleep again. You contacting a Madison, WI sleep apnea dentist can help you to learn more about your options and get on your way to a good night's rest for you and your family. Meeting with a professional, such as Dr. Angela Bauer of Dental Center for Snoring & Sleep Apnea, will help you choose the right appliance for your situation. Let our team help you learn more about which is best for you. Call us at (608) 423-3615 to learn more and schedule an appointment.